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Nouveauté 2024 : Flyboard 

to Cap Sensations

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Discovery of Quiberon Bay

Cap Sensations allows you to enjoy jet-ski excursions, without a permit,  framed  by a monitor  diploma  of state.

Discover the Bay of Quiberon and admire  beautiful  Breton landscapes, such as Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Houat, Hoëdic as well as the Teignouse Lighthouse.

Share  an incredible moment with your loved ones, provide you with strong sensations and remember unforgettable memories .




Jet ski ride

1 to 2 people/jet




Jet ski ride

1 to 2 people/jet


Belle Ile en mer
Phare de la Teignouse Quiberon
The Teignouse Lighthouse
The island of Houat
Ile de Hoedic

The island of Hoëdic

Belle-Île is a rocky French island located in the Atlantic Ocean, south of Brittany in the department of Morbihan.

It is the third largest island off the coast of mainland France after Corsica and Oléron.

It remains the second largest metropolitan island not connected to the mainland by a bridge.

This Morbihan lighthouse is located between the Quiberon peninsula and the island of Houat, in the extension of the tip of Conguel.

It marks the passage of the Teignouse to leave the bay of Quiberon, in the direction of Belle-Ile-en-Mer.

Built from 1843, it was put into service for the first time on January 1, 1845.

The island of Houat is a small Breton island of 288 hectares, charming and wild.

Located 14 km off Quiberon, it raises its granite cliffs in its setting of clear water.

This island is the first to act for its protection and the defense of its biodiversity.

Hoëdic is the little sister of the island of Houat.

On its 209 hectares, the island is described as a flower: natural and delicate, fragile and alive, wild and refined, expressive and inspiring.


Avenue de l'atlantique, Port an dro, Carnac

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